Fred Malphurs Author of Spies and Lies: The Paradox

Spies and Lies: The Paradox

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Starting during the Clinton administration and accelerated by the George W. Bush administration, the majority of intelligence activities of the US were contracted out. At the same time, many career intelligence agents in the CIA and other intelligence agencies were let go, services no longer needed or desired. The book, Spies and Lies, tells the story of one such agent, David Pearl, who became a victim to a reduction in force, the government’s terminology for downsizing (terminating the employment of) individual, real people. David Pearl is saddened by the end of his career, but remakes himself into a government intelligence contractor. He sets up his own corporation focusing on intelligence gathering and security consulting.

Months before David comes back to the US, a high ranking State Department employee is murdered while jogging on treadmill at a fitness center late one night. The investigation stalls, despite the huge amount of resources being devoted to it. In the course of fulfilling his contract obligations, David and his company tumble onto a conspiracy in the Greek embassy in Washington with links to a Greek led, but multi-ethnic network of gangsters, crooks, and liars. The Pearl operatives find corporate mismanagement and dishonesty abetted or ignored by those at the highest levels of government. All of this in a swirl of the vicious politics employed to curry favor, get fatter contracts and to hide the darkest of mistakes and/or secrets.

A West Virginia retired school principal becomes suspicious about her neighbor. Unknown to her, the neighbor is a former Russian spymaster who during the happy early days of détente was put into the witness protection program. These two combine for one set of plot twists and turns. A Greek diplomat from politically connected family in Greece violates the perquisites of a Greek gang in the US. His darkening trail leads to Canada, Turkey, Lebanon and elsewhere. This Greek diplomat is in a mid-life crisis and chooses to run. A sensuous, gorgeous Greek intelligence officer in Canada assists David Pearl in finding the diplomat in Canada and bringing him back to the Greek Embassy in Washington. The Greek intelligence officer and David Pearl form an alliance to get to the truth and eventually get married. But the diplomat refuses to go away, stay in custody, be deported or cooperate. Escaping into his own alternate reality, he steals David Pearl’s identity and the complications mount as the Pearl operatives take on challenge after challenge to get at the truth.

The fortunes of David Pearl and his corporation rise, then fall dramatically due to the misuse of misinformation. In this Washington intelligence community, the real intelligence is seldom turned into information. Guesswork predominates. Opinions become fact. Facts get distorted to fit the politics of a constantly mutating set of policies, votes, alliances and protocols. David Pearl and his collection of brilliant, if eccentric, outside the box thinkers and analysts invent new intelligence methods in order to figure it out, get it right the first time, and learn to ignore the feints, the politically desired realities and ‘known’ facts that so very often get in the way of the truth. And in the end, they all learn that getting it right often comes at a ‘break your heart’ cost.


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Mexia is a novel that has been written in the form of the memoirs of J. C. Mulkey. J.C., at a very early age, discovers a murder. As he grows up, he discovers more murders and vows to protect, defend, and bring the perpetrators to justice. Along the way, he faces the challenges of growing up, getting educated, and tackling the trials and errors of justice, but through it all he maintains his optimistic nature, his problem solving, and focuses on what he thinks is most important in life.

J.C. loves his dogs and his mother. He is a loyal brother and son. He tries to do good things, but, sometimes he ends up putting himself in a frustrating position. Still, he triumphs because of the courage of his convictions that he will identify the murderer. He does his best to protect the community that he loves.

Just how this murder mystery happened in Mexia is part of the historical journey that J.C. must learn before he really builds the case. At risk of life and limb, J.C. successfully negotiates the perils that make his life so difficult.

Meanie Mouse versus the Orlando Operators

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Meanie Mouse versus the Orlando Operators is a tale of a medical procedure gone slightly amiss resuling in a very special baby who as she grows shows persistent, almost magical powers, a great intellect and a fervent sense of justice for the underdog. The story is set in the subtropical paradise of Orlando, Florida. Orlando attracts millions of visitors every year, most of whom see ony the fun and adventure provided by DisneyWorld, Universal Studios and the other attractions.

The special baby grows into a mature and beautiful woman whose love and affection for her family and fervent sense of justice lead her into numerous adventures to correct wrongdoing. She falls in love and comes to love her local professional football team and she observes that team not only disappointing the community, but harming numerous innocent individuals in the process. In this diverse culture, murder and mayhem collide with the forces of justice and civilization.

The special young woman, called Meanie Mouse by her best friends, her brother, and her husband solves the riddles presented by the perpetrators, with a unique ability to get to the truth and find justice.

My Life in the VA: Lessons in Leadership

My Life in the VA: Lessons in Leadership

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In the career memoir, My Life in the VA: Lessons in Leadership, a thirty-seven year employee of the Department of Veterans Affairs shares an insider's view and valuable insight into the inner-workings of a bureaucracy. Fred Malphurs worked in both the central office as well as the VA healthcare system and spent the last twenty plus years of his career in senior executive service. He provides a compelling look inside the leadership of the VA as well as an interesting commentary on healthcare. Malphurs begins with detailing his experiences learning the ropes as he grappled through his first few years on the job and moves through his career in chronological order. He openly shares the lessons he learned along the way, his challenges both personal and professional, and the high and low points of his career all while shedding light on the political processes, the uncoordinated public policies, the failure to report real information, and the politics of doing or not doing the right thing. His recommendations for healthcare reform and improved government are included. Malphurs' fascinating autobiography offers a unique perspective on healthcare, political science, and the distinguished career of a Federal executive.